Patersbier (Patty B)

Patty B is styled after a traditional Patersbier (Father’s Beer in Dutch) which was brewed by Belgian Monks using second runnings of their traditional Belgian Ales. The light nature of the beer allowed monks to drink it for sustenance while completing their daily tasks and while fasting.

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Malts:Pale malt
Hops:German hops
Yeast:Belgian ale yeast
Beer Number:#1
Availability:Year round

Hot Blonde

We took some of our popular Patty B and finished over apricot for a fruity note then added some habanero for heat. A little sweet, a little spicy, we think you’ll enjoy Hot Blonde!

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Malts:Pale Malts
Hops:Citrus Hops
Other:Apricot, Habanero
Yeast:Belgian Yeast
Beer Number:#16
Availability:Year Round